Seedling 4″ Ranunculus Cream


Ranunculus ‘Marshmallow,’ boasts a delightful shade of soft pink, making it an absolute must-have for weddings. This particular variety has been bred to withstand higher temperatures slightly, resulting in enormous flowers that bloom on robust, lengthy stems.

Bloom Size:  3″ Double Blooms

Height:  45cm (17″)

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Ranunculus blooms possess a nearly surreal, flawless quality. Their flowers boast multiple layers of silky petals in vibrant hues, reminiscent of exquisite roses. These rose-like ranunculus blossoms are a common feature in flower shops and essential additions to wedding bouquets. In areas with mild winters, you can plant buttercups in the autumn for an early April bloom, while in colder regions, spring planting ensures a lovely early summer display.

Creams have gorgeous butter cream color that will steal the show from the moment they bloom – a must-grow!

This order includes dried ranunculus corms. Corms resemble bulbs in that they store all the necessary nutrients and energy for the plant’s growth.

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Weight 16.5 g
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 6 in


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